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2017 American League Championship Series, Game 3: Yankees vs. Astros, Monday 10/16, 7 p.m. CT

The Astros look to go up three games to none.

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Here is a baseball game you can watch without having to stress about the Cubs.

The Yankees are in the same position as the Cubs, having lost two games on the road and returning to their home park, where they had a 51-30 record this year. On the other hand, the Astros were better on the road (53-28) than at home (48-33).

Thus it probably comes down to the pitching matchup.

Charlie Morton vs. CC Sabathia

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
MLB: New York Yankees-Media Day Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure you all remember Charlie Morton well, from all his years with the Pirates. Suddenly, at 33, Morton had the best year of his career after signing with the Astros as a free agent.

He made one start in Houston’s division series win over the Red Sox, and like a lot of starters this postseason, got pulled before finishing the fifth inning. He threw 83 pitches in 4⅓ innings. Sound familiar?

He faced the Yankees once this year and they hit him pretty good.

CC Sabathia had a fine season in 2017 at age 36. He’s a free agent after this year and might wind up elsewhere.

In his last start, in Game 5 of the Yankees’ division series vs. the Indians, he struck out nine in 4⅓ innings, but again, became another starter who couldn’t finish the fifth inning.

He didn’t face the Astros at all this year and most of them haven’t seen much of him.

Today’s game is on FS1. Announcers: Joe Buck, John Smoltz, Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci.

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today. Gameday (classic mode) (Note: Going forward, I am going to link to the “classic” Gameday here because broke the links I used to use to get to their “new” Gameday. If you click on this link, you can then click on “New Gameday” at the bottom of the page to get to the updated version. Note that the “classic” Gameday won’t load until just before game time.) game preview

SB Nation game preview

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This is the only thread for today’s game. Enjoy, and discuss amongst yourselves.