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Cubs NLCS Game 5 lineup: Kyle Schwarber in again vs. Clayton Kershaw

Joe's playing his hunch again.

Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Here's how the Cubs will line up tonight against the Dodgers in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series:

I had thought Joe Maddon might give Ian Happ a start, but instead Ben Zobrist will play right field in place of Jason Heyward, who has slumped badly this postseason. You can be sure that if the Cubs have the lead in the late innings, Heyward will be in the game for defense, as he was iin Game 4.

Joe started Kyle Schwarber in Game 1 against Clayton Kershaw, hoping Schwarber's bat would cut loose. That didn't happen, but Schwarber's homer in Game 3 apparently gave Maddon the idea to put him out there again, hoping to catch lightning, or a shot off the video board, in a bottle.

It's only a few more hours until we find out whether this lineup can produce against Kershaw, who got hit pretty hard the last time he pitched in the postseason at Wrigley Field.