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Cubs send out 2018 spring training season ticket invoices

You will not be surprised to learn that prices have gone up.

Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

The ink is barely dry on the book of the 2017 regular season and this year’s postseason has not yet begun, but on Tuesday afternoon Cubs spring-training season-ticket holders, myself included, received invoices for tickets for the 2018 spring season.

The spring schedule is not yet out and likely won’t be until next month, but the invoice includes an anticipated 16 games. Season prices range from $228 for lawn to $760 for infield box seats, the highest price tier. If you do the math on those you’ll note that the total prices above don’t add up to an even dollar amount. The Cubs say they are instituting variable pricing for different games based on the perceived demand for each game for season-ticket holders for the 2018 season.

Last year my lawn ticket was $12 for each game. This year that price averages out to $14.25 per game. I’d expect single-game prices to wind up being higher as well.

Also, in 2017 season-ticket parking was $8 per game. That’s gone up to $10 per game (same as single-game parking) and also is available (at least for now) only to those who bought a season parking pass for 2017. Spring season-ticket holders who didn’t buy a parking pass last year but who want one in 2018 must be placed on a waiting list.

Spring-training season-ticket invoice payments are due by Friday, December 1, after which time I’d think we’ll hear about pricing and on-sale dates for single-game spring tickets.

All of this is part of the price of winning, I suppose. Given the play of the team over the last three seasons, I really don’t have any complaints.