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Cubs NLDS Game 3 lineup: Jon Jay back at leadoff

Here’s who the Cubs will put on the field Monday afternoon.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jay has been pretty successful as a leadoff hitter this year, and for Game 3 he's back in that spot:

Joe Maddon is playing a hunch here, I think, with Ben Zobrist playing second base and hitting fifth. The last time Max Scherzer faced the Cubs at Wrigley Field, Zobrist hit two homers off him.

Obviously, past performance does not guarantee future results, but Joe often plays matchups and he loves Zobrist, so let's hope Zobrist has one of his better days. I'd assume that Javier Baez will be in the game late for defense, as will Albert Almora Jr.

With Sunday's off day, everyone in the bullpen should be well rested for this afternoon's contest. The weather will be perfect, sunny and temperatures in the low 70s at game time.

The Nationals lineup is not yet available and I'll put it out via Twitter when it is.