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Wrigley Field construction update: November 12

Even on Sunday morning, work was in progress.

I decided to head over to Wrigley Field to see what the construction project looked like, early Sunday morning before the predicted rain hit the city. I didn’t expect much to be going on at 8:45 a.m.

That turned out to be wrong, as quite a few construction workers were at the project, and noisy banging could be heard from inside the ballpark. So, even on a day when inclement weather is forecast, they’re getting work done.

Those of you who disliked the ugly concrete panels that used to surround the ballpark (and that includes me) will be pleased to see photo 7 — all the concrete panels on Sheffield, near the right-field corner, are gone. That leaves only the panels above the Draft Kings Sports Zone (photo 16). Those might not go this year, but they certainly will by a year from now, when a much larger structure is going to replace the DKSZ.

Other than that, there was some work visible on the exterior of the park along Addison, and you can see scaffolding up where the last of the original office windows were demolished a week of so ago.

There was much activity near the boarded-up area close the the marquee, but it was mostly behind the boards and tarps and so not much can be said, other than it was noisy.

The Hotel Zachary is really taking shape now; you can clearly see where the Clark Street entrance will be (photo 29). There’s also been quite a bit of work done on the Addison & Clark project. Both of these are scheduled to open sometime in 2018, though no specific dates are available yet.

We’ll have more photos here during the week, weather permitting.