Fanposts Revisited: Kris Bryant just keeps getting better.

Over the course of the offseason, I'm going to look at the fanposts I made during the season and reflect on them, finding out if my opinions were off base or not, and giving myself a grade from STRIKEOUT to GRAND SLAM. Third in the series: Kris Bryant just keeps getting better. I recommend at least skimming that fanpost before reading this one.


My major points were as follows:

  • Bryant has shown huge improvements with his bat each season.
  • He's going to the opposite field more, but hitting the ball a bit softer.
  • big charts
  • The original post was made on May 22nd. Let's see how his numbers look now.


Well, let's just look at the same charts I posted last time, but with the numbers changed to his end of year numbers. I'll also add in WAR for fun.

Stat 2015 2016 2017
G 151 155 151
PA 650 699 665
BA .275 .292 .295
OBP .369 .385 .409
SLG .488 .554 .537
OPS .858 .939 .946
wOBA .371 .396 .399
BB% 11.8% 10.7% 14.3%
K% 30.6% 22.0% 19.2%
BB/K 0.39 0.49 0.74
HR/FB 15.8% 18.8% 16.0%
BABIP .378 .332 .334
fWAR 6.5 8.3 6.7
bWAR 5.9 7.7 6.1
Contact (in strike zone) 75.8% 81.1% 85.0%
Contact (outside zone) 49.2% 59.8% 64.7%
Swinging strike rate 16.5% 13.0% 10.0%
Pure contact percent 66.3% 73.3% 77.7%
And then the batted ball numbers.
Stat 2015 2016 2017
Pulled ball % 41.6% 46.7% 41.2%
Hit to center % 34.5% 33.6% 36.3%
Opposite field % 23.8% 19.7% 22.5%
Soft contact % 15.1% 17.0% 14.8%
Medium contact % 47.4% 42.7% 52.5%
Hard contact % 37.5% 40.3% 32.8%


Well... There's pros and cons here. He's become a better all-around hitter, at the cost of power. When I made the original fanpost, his power-related outcome numbers were better, but his peripherals didn't look as good. Over the course of the season, those peripherals caught up. He did not hit for nearly as much power this year. This might be a "concern" (as concerned as one can be over a 6-WAR player) as the ball was juiced this year, and everyone was setting home run records.

I don't know what to award myself for this fanpost. A strikeout doesn't seem right because he did get better in some aspects. He walked a ton more, struck out a ton less, and has a more attractive spray chart. But was it worth it? He dropped a win and a half off his WAR according to both BBRef and Fangraphs. As a side note, the agreement between the two is pretty impressive, with BBRef exactly 0.6 lower than FG all three years. Anyway, I'm not willing to give myself much more than a SINGLE for this. Not my best work, and not altogether Bryant's best either.

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