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Wrigley Field construction update: November 16 black & white edition

A different look at the renovation project.

I realize I’ve already shared with you some photos I took at Wrigley Field Friday morning, but I wanted to back up a day and send you these photos BCB’s David Sameshima took on Thursday evening. Here’s his report:

I was on my way home from work. I heard quite a bit of activity, and saw all the lights on at the ballpark. I had a few minutes, so I walked toward the park.

The loudest sounds were coming from the area just east of the marquee. Tarps were covering most of the exterior, but I could see sparks in the uncovered areas, next to the marquee. Also, some of the marquee lights were off again. Earlier in the week, I had noticed that the marquee lights were all off. I did not have a chance to take any photos that evening.

I then saw all the activity taking place at the Park At Wrigley. They were setting up the ice rink, and for the Christkindlmarket. Both are scheduled to open this Friday.

I did not have time to walk completely around the park. This is why there are no photos of the bleachers in this update.

I did decide to shake things up, and submit all these photos in black and white.

I rather like the B&W photos — they give Wrigley and the surrounding area a kind of “film noir” look. You can almost picture yourself in the 1930s, if you squint a little.

We’ll have more photos here during the week.