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Cubs historical sleuthing: You make the call

Who’s in this photo and when was it taken?

Al Yellon

Over the years, I’ve posted some historic Cubs photos I’ve come across and told you how I sleuthed out when and where they were taken.

Here’s a little different version of this game. In this case, I took the photo at the top of this post myself, so I already know the answers to those questions for this one.

So instead of describing how I figured out who was in the photo and where it was taken, I’m going to ask you. The “where” is probably pretty obvious given the players in the photo.

For this exercise, I’m going to ask you to identify:

  • The exact game when this was taken and the game situation
  • The identity of all four players in the photo
  • The identity of the umpire in the photo

No more clues. You’re given one of the players, obviously, by the name on the back of his jersey. (Don’t worry about trying to identify all the players in the dugout!)

Have fun! Click here for a larger version of the photo.