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Cubs historical sleuthing: You make the call No. 2

This one’s got fewer clues than the last one.

Al Yellon

Friday, I posted one of these that had a fair number of clues to the game involved, which was actually a fairly significant game in Cubs history, at least for the 1984 season.

This one’s a degree of difficulty harder. I’ve taken out any way for you to identify the ballpark, at least other than the artificial turf. There’s one more individual in the original photo, so here’s the full version:

Al Yellon

There’s a name on the back of that jersey, but it’s hard to read. Still, I’m reasonably certain you can identify the pitcher.

Who’s the third baseman in this photo, and who’s the umpire, and what game is this from?

One thing I’ll ask, so that everyone can play: When you post your guess (or answer, if you’re certain you know), please put the spoiler (black) bars over your response so that others don’t have this guessing game ruined before they can post their guesses.

If there are correct responses I’ll confirm. The only other thing I’ll say is that there’s no way to know exactly what inning this was, because the original photo I scanned (from which I cropped out the ballpark) doesn’t show the hitter.

Have fun!