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A Cyber Monday Cubs fan gift guide

BCB’s Danny Rockett asked his Cubs fan friends what presents they want this year for the holidays.

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Santa Claus greets fans Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It’s time to spread holiday cheer to the Cubs fans in your life! So I asked members of the Ivy Envy and Son Ranto podcasts Facebook groups to post about some Cubs presents they’d love to receive this year. There’s been an explosion of Cubs merchandise available recently because we all got the best present ever last year, but have a look at what my friends want and post what you’d love to receive in the comments!

Let’s give Cubs stuff!

Let’s start with some art from Ballpark Blueprints, the perfect addition to any office or fancave! And the perfect gift for Al who sent me the link to this beautiful piece!

Ballpark Blueprints

Plus! If you shop through this link, SB Nation readers get 10 percent off through December 24 using code BCB17.

My friend Steven wants a Cubs Pennant Sweater from Hillflint, which specializes in high end apparel for the college teams and Major League Baseball!

Cubs Sweater

It’s $120 and made with 45 percent viscose which is a fancy way to refer to rayon. Steven has a one-year-old baby, so hopefully viscose is stain resistant.

My girlfriend Nicole wants these funky Cubs leggings.

Cubs leggings

Nicole said they aren’t worth $60, but offers sales all season. I bet you can get them cheaper. I know wearing leggings as pants is somewhat controversial among some circles, but as Joe Maddon would say, “If you look hot, wear it.”

My friend Heather has expensive tastes and hinted to her mother that she wants this $750 Limited Edition Cubs Watch. And that’s half price!

Cubs Watch

There are only 2016 of these watches made with reclaimed wood from 1930s Wrigley Field seats and over one quarter of them have been sold! My friend Jay bought one the other day when they threw in a Wrigley Field clock and 17 percent off. You can find Jay in the Upper Deck in right field if you want to try and trade him your hat or some peanuts for it. Maybe he’ll be drunk enough to take you up on the deal!

Elizabeth and Michael both want this Minimalist Art Print from S. Preston Designs.

But most people posted that they want T-shirts.

Chase McClure owns this Lovable Loser Tee from Factory 43, and says he’s always asked about it. It’s a great conversation starter!

Lovable Loser Tee

My friend Michael wants this October Kings shirt from Etsy.

October Kings

Another Michael wants this Chicago Ivy Trophy Shirt.

Chicago Ivy Trophy

John wants this Sugar Skull Cubs Tee from Ground Up Press.

Also this Hex Breaker shirt from the same artist.

Or how about supporting Cubs fan creators with your gift giving?

Starting with Al Yellon’s book “A Season For The Ages.”

The Cubs might not have won the World Series this year, but you can relive the 2016 Cubs championship season with the most prolific Cubs writer on the planet!

Or buy this Double Ewe shirt that I made! It’s a humorous take on the Cubs famous “W” flag.

Double Ewe

Personally, I’m hoping someone buys me this sweet Luchador Shirt from my great friend Crawly at Crawly’s Clubhouse!

Luchador Shirt

And check out this Wrigley Field Watercolor from Ivy Envy listener Carly Rae.

Carly Rae Watercolor

And friend Beth said she bought her husband Andy, an Ivy Envy host, a baseball card from Baseball Card Vandals as a stocking stuffer. I love their vandalism of former Cubs player Carmelo Martinez’s card!

From Baseball Vandals
Carmelo Martinez

What do you want this Holiday Season? Post more ideas in the comments!