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Cubs historical sleuthing: You make the call, part 3

This one’s likely going to be tougher.

Al Yellon

The previous two entries in this series were fairly easy, once you realized I took the photos and figured out the players involved.

The other two photos were also from games of some significance; one was from a pennant-race game, the other from a trip the Cubs (and I) took to play in a place major-league baseball isn’t usually played.

This one, which I also took... is from a random regular season game at Wrigley Field. That much is obvious.

The players in the photo should be fairly easy to identify also; I won’t give that away here but you should know all of them, assuming you’re up on your Cubs history.

There aren’t a lot of clues here, but with just a bit of digging you should be able to tell me the date of this game and the game situation.

Again, I ask that when you post your guess, you put it behind the black spoiler bar so that other people can play without seeing your answer. Here’s another version of the photo in case you’re having trouble seeing it at the top of this post, and click here for an even larger version.

Al Yellon

Have fun!