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Wrigley Field construction update: November 4

There was quite a bit of activity around the ballpark on Saturday.

On a wet Saturday afternoon, BCB’s Mike Bojanowski headed over to Wrigley Field to find several different construction projects — Wrigley Field, the Hotel Zachary, and the Addison & Clark project — with lots of work going on. Here’s the report he sent me:

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon, November 5. It was a gloomy, inclement day, but construction activity was loud and pervasive. Considering most of the offseason work on the official docket (as currently released) will be internal, a lot can be seen from the street.

Those who hate the remaining 1950s concrete siding along the southeast corner of the park will be thrilled to know that demolition is proceeding in that area. Also, one of the last obviously visible vestiges of the original 1914 structure has passed into history with the demolition of the remaining three small offices east of the marquee. Those had had survived the renovations until now.

The hotel neighboring the park, the Zachary, and the Addison & Clark mixed-use development, are rapidly progressing. The third development, The Wheelhouse, further south on Clark Street, seems less advanced, no real visible progress appears to have happened in the last year, it was supposed to open by this year's end.

And, we finish with a side trip to Graceland Cemetery, where Ernie's monument is undergoing a horticultural makeover.

Many thanks for all attention.

One thing you’ll note (photo 11) is that unlike last year, it appears power is still being supplied to the bleachers, since the clock is still keeping time.

We’ll have another update later in the week.