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Wrigley Field construction update: December 10

Progress is being made, though not much is visible.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photo update on the Wrigley Field construction project.

Part of the reason for that is... there really hasn’t been much done that’s visible from the street. You’ve certainly seen some of the aerial shots posted by Curtis Waltz, who runs the @WrigleyAerials Twitter account. Here’s a recent photo from above:

That was from last weekend. You can see they’ve made considerable progress.

As far as the photoset in this post is concerned, you can see tarps and wooden boards up around most of the exterior of the ballpark, hiding away whatever’s going on, and there didn’t seem to be much work going on, though there were some workers at the gate near the right-field corner. The most significant change can be seen in the Hotel Zachary (photos 13 and 14), where, as you can see, the exterior is nearly complete. I still don’t know exactly when the hotel is scheduled to open, but it surely will be sometime in early to mid 2018.

The Christkindlmarket was busy, not only with people but with Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies (photos 19 and 20) doing some kind of video recording with the Cubs video crew (you can see the mic flags say “Winterland at the Park”). Even in the offseason, Len & JD don’t rest.

On Saturday, Ben Zobrist visited the Christkindlmarket, but the one in downtown Chicago:

At the Christkindl Market Chicago today!

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We’ll have more photo updates hopefully later in the week or next weekend. The Cubs home opener is 119 days (17 weeks) from tomorrow (Monday). Thanks to Sara Sanchez for the photos.