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2017 MLB Winter Meetings, day 1

Baseball’s annual carnival has begun!

The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings, among other things, are a week’s worth of speculation, tweets and guessing games played by fans.

It’s also an opportunity for management, writers and assorted hangers-on to gather in a warm spot and talk baseball for a week. This year, it’s in Orlando, Florida, and will run from now until Thursday, then conclude with the Rule 5 draft.

Sunday, Josh wrote this comprehensive preview of what happens at the Winter Meetings; if you haven’t already read it, I’d recommend it for a full understanding of this week’s festivities.

This post is intended to serve as a comprehensive gathering place for you to discuss all the various rumors and deals that happen this week. If the Cubs make a trade or free-agent signing, of course there will be separate articles written about those, as there were for the Tyler Chatwood signing last week and the signing of Brandon Morrow on Sunday.

Have fun! It might not be baseball games being played, but we’ve got a week of baseball talk and wheeling and dealing coming up, always a bit of warmth in the dead of winter.