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Did Anthony Rizzo get married last weekend? Probably not

A classic case of jumping to conclusions.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Rizzo and his girlfriend Emily Vakos were engaged last summer. You might recall that his proposal involved fireworks set off on the lakefront in downtown Chicago.

Over the weekend, this photo was sent out from Rizzo’s Instagram account:

What a weekend

A post shared by Anthony Rizzo (@arizz_44) on

Most of the over 1,000 comments placed on this post congratulated Rizzo and Vakos on getting married.

Wait, what? This profile of the couple in a local entertainment magazine would appear to contradict that:

Fast forward just a short year and a half later, and the couple is living together in a River North high-rise — Vakos got her real-estate license earlier this year — and planning a wedding for 2018.

That sounds more logical; the life of a major-league baseball player is a busy one and it’s hard for me to believe that Rizzo and Vakos were married less than six months after their engagement.

Further, a large number of the comments on the Instagram post stated that the couple was attending a friend’s wedding. That seems much more reasonable to me, and you’d think that there would have been some sort of public announcement. The post above is the most recent on Rizzo’s Instagram account and the most recent post on his Twitter account sure doesn’t sound like something a guy who just got married would bother with:

So I would say no,, and, I would say that it’s quite likely that Anthony Rizzo is still engaged, not married, and that the commenters on his Instagram post who said he was attending a friend’s wedding are probably correct.