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Wrigley Field construction update: Special aerial edition

Here are some shots of the project from above.

These photos are a week or so old and you might have seen some of them on Twitter.

Curtis Waltz, who took these photos on November 20 and 25 (all but the last two are from November 20), sent all of them with me so I can share them with you.

The first few photos of the gallery are the most detailed in showing exactly how deep the excavations are and how little of the lower-deck seating area, at least in front of the 200-level seats. It appears that all of the areas that had concrete re-sealed and new seats installed last winter have been left alone. The area behind the plate, where there was a major excavation last winter for the American Airlines 1914 Club, has been left alone this year.

Photo 9 clearly shows some of the work going on near the marquee. There was supposed to be a club installed in this area in some of the original plans. I’m not sure whether that’s what this shows. It appears to show two areas, one to the left of the marquee and one to the right, where elevators might be added.

Looking at what’s in the bleachers from these photos, it doesn’t appear any work’s being done in that area at all this winter.

If you enjoy these aerials, please check out the rest of Curtis Waltz’ aerial photography at

We hope to have more photos here early next week.