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No, Yu Darvish has not signed with the Cubs... yet

There’s a Twitter report that he has, but it’s also been reported that isn’t true.

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Cubs are considered one of the frontrunners to sign free-agent righthander Yu Darvish.

Or, if you choose to believe this, they already have:

Within a short time, two mainstream reporters had posted denials on Twitter:

That brought this response:

And then Darvish himself chimed in:

In recent days Bruce Levine has been all over this story, correctly tweeting about the upcoming Cubs/Darvish meeting before it happened. But this seems much ado about nothing, just another chance to discuss this possibility.

I’ll say that I hope the Cubs do eventually complete this signing. Yu Darvish would be an excellent fit for the Cubs, give them the strongest rotation in the N.L. Central (and one of the best int he league) and make them favorites to win their third straight division title. If they do sign him, of course the length of the contract and dollars involved would be important, because the Cubs still need more relief help and (probably) a veteran backup catcher.

As always, we await developments.