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Cub Tracks returns for a refund

baseball history and other bullets

Santa Claus greets fans
I don’t even have anything to say
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Happy Boxing Day, BCB!

And I thought the last post was two sizes too small... Cub Tracks is the only game in town this fine Monday afternoon. Um, Tuesday morning, by the Cub Tracks clock. Either way. I imagine some people are going to work today. The wheels of commerce grind ever on.

Well, I’ll assemble something here for your possible infotainment pleasure. As always * means autoplay on™ (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

Today in baseball history:

  • 1906 - In an effort to prevent hitters from rubbing out chalk lines, National League umpire Hank O'Day suggests white rubber strips be used to mark out the batter's box. The former right-handed hurler and future Hall of Famer will interrupt his 30-year umpiring career to manage the Reds in 1912 and the Cubs in 1914, becoming the only person ever to play, manage, and umpire for a full season in the major leagues.
  • 1934 - Matsutaro Shoriki, head of Yomiuri Newspapers, announces the official formation of Japan's first professional team, the Tokyo-based Yomiuri Giants. The team is made up of players signed to compete against the American all-star team. Professional league play, with six teams, does not begin until 1936.
  • 1950 - With a large portion going to the players' pension fund, out-going Commissioner Happy Chandler announces the Gillette Razor Company has purchased the television rights to the All-Star game for six years for six million dollars.
  • 2007 - Coming to an agreement with Mark Prior, the Padres add another pitcher to the staff who will start next season coming off shoulder surgery. Joining southpaw Randy Wolf, the 27-year-old former Cubs right-hander signs a $1 million, one-year deal which can be worth more with performance bonuses. He never played a single big-league game for San Diego.
  • Happy birthday — Doc Farrell, Dave Rader

Cubs news and notes:

  • AP via ESPN: Jerry Kindall, former MLB player and Arizona coach, dies at 82. "This is a sad day for Arizona baseball,'' current Wildcats coach Jay Johnson said.

Food for thought:

Thanks for reading. Happy holidaze!