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Wrigley Field construction update: December 23

A few holiday weekend photos from the ballpark.

Apart from a crowd at the skating rink, things were fairly quiet at Wrigley Field over the weekend and holiday in regards to the construction project.

BCB’s Mike Bojanowski, who took the photos at the top of this post, submitted this report:

These photos were taken Saturday, December 23. There was active construction, but also a sense of holiday slowdown. Probably the biggest outward change from last week are the developments near Gates J and K, at the left-field corner. The excavations have produced some obvious foundation concrete, new scaffolding and large stacks of cinderblock indicate some manner of permanent structure will be built.

Otherwise, there was some small incremental stuff around and about. Many thanks for all attention.

The timeline at doesn’t indicate specifically what’s being built on Waveland outside the Gate K/J area. I will see if I can find out more specifics. The Cubs Opening Day game at home against the Pirates is 104 days away, one day less that 15 weeks from today.

We hope to have more photos here later in the week.