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The Cubs met with Shohei Ohtani on Tuesday

The Japanese star got their pitch from Theo & Co.

Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

This is becoming a daily saga, and probably will until Japanese star Shohei Ohtani makes his MLB choice. Today’s news is that the Cubs (and several other teams) met with Ohtani Tuesday:

Later, Rosenthal noted that Ohtani had met with the Angels Monday, so that leaves only the Padres.

In this ESPN Chicago article from Tuesday, Jesse Rogers notes one possibility for the Theo Epstein and the Cubs’ pitch to Ohtani:

Epstein is as good, if not better, at articulating a plan as anyone in the game. Perhaps the Cubs’ initial pitch, which included video testimonials from current players and perhaps their family members, convinced Ohtani’s team that the Cubs should be included in the next round of talks. Some players have been put on notice this week to be ready in case they’re needed in southern California for a face-to-face meeting with Ohtani, according to industry sources.

Since the Cubs have apparently already met with Ohtani, I wonder which players were “put on notice” and whether they actually attended the meeting. It seems that Ohtani wants these discussions to be kept quiet, and so far, no details of what’s happened at the meetings with any of the teams have leaked.

And so, we wait. I’m putting this out here because it’s the barest snippet of any updated news for your daily Ohtani discussion.