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Kris Bryant Gets Pranked By A Hall of Famer

The Cubs third baseman has a great sense of humor.

Kris Bryant and Greg Maddux after the reveal
Robert Snow/

Last year, Kris Bryant, as reigning N.L. Rookie of the Year, pranked a Mesa, Arizona college team by making them think he was a “transfer” from “somewhere in Europe.”

Earlier this week, the joke was on Bryant. In his hometown of Las Vegas, he thought he was going to shoot a workout video for Red Bull.

Little did he know that “the sound guy” was none other than Hall of Fame pitcher and four-time Cy Young Award winner Greg Maddux in disguise. A make-up artist fixed him up in a wig, mustache and goatee. With a boom mic in hand, he was set!

The baseball legend and fellow Las Vegas native messed with Kris throughout the day – offering up sarcasm, batting tips, and even hand sanitizer.

“Sound guy has a bit of an attitude,” commented Bryant.

When the original batting practice pitcher had to make an early exit, which was actually a ruse to set up Maddux to throw to Bryant, Greg offered to step in.

“Don’t hit me,” said Bryant. After a few pitches, though, Bryant commented: “He might be better than the other guy!” As batting practice came to an end, a still-disguised Maddux walked up to home plate and asked Bryant,

“Can you autograph a bat for me? Just make it out to Greg Maddux…”

Here’s a video from the shoot, which happened this past Monday at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Maddux is now an assistant baseball coach for UNLV, where he serves as the pitching coach. Greg’s son, Chase, is a sophomore pitcher for the Rebels.