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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 25

There was a lot of activity at the ballpark Saturday.

We are now just six weeks and a day away from the home opener Monday, April 10, when the Cubs will face the Dodgers at Wrigley Field.

And work continues apace. BCB’s Mike Bojanowski has the scoop from Saturday:

Saturday was a very busy day. The visible action at this point is concentrated at the plaza building and the plaza itself. The clock tower construction is underway, concrete and brickwork in the plaza is being installed. The large crane that was visible within the confines of the playing field seems no longer there. Indications are that the truly major procedures are wrapping up.

The biggest “procedure” inside the ballpark, not visible from the street, is the reconstruction of the lower seating bowl over where the excavation was made for the 1914 Club that will open next year. All indications are that that’s also on schedule to be completed on time. The nice weather has been a real help to the Cubs.

We’ll have more construction photos here soon.