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Cubs Song Parody: ‘Heyward’s New Swing’

BCB’s Danny Rockett takes a musical look at Jason Heyward’s new swing.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

All the chatter this Spring Training is about Jason Heyward and his brand new swing! Hands lower, weight shifted forward, bat vertical, and open hips and shoulders. It’s all anyone’s talking about!!! Well... not really, most Cubs fans are still talking about the World Series Championship. But Cubs bloggers are on it!

Bleacher Nation, Cubs Insider, Cubs Den, and BCB have devoted time and analysis, breaking it down and sharing their observations with Cubs fans to help us better understand the new swing that is about to be unleashed upon baseball. I just had to jump on the bandwagon, but in song.... always in song....

I just hope J-Hey’s “new swing” results are as good as his defense and rain delay speeches. We all do!

Thanks to Evan Altman at Cubs Insider and Corey Freedman who put together the videos!

Enjoy this Psychedelic Furs “Pretty in Pink” parody about “Heyward’s New Swing.”

Heyward’s been rolling out to second base
Seems like he did it all year
Or he gets under and hits a pop fly
At least his speeches are great

But Heyward has found
A new swing and he says
I can hit! Time to put on a show!
I’ve straightened my bat and I’ve opened my stance
It’ll quicken my hands through the zone... it’s...

Heyward’s new swing, better speed
Heyward’s new swing, he’ll succeed!

Brett Taylor said J-Hey looks like Rizzo
From the way that he’s holding his hands
Moving more freely, rotating his hips with the swing
It’s in on the fists he can pull down the line
Cause he’s better at shifting his weight

Heyward won’t roll out to second anymore
Which would really be freaking great

Heyward’s new swing, better speed
Heyward’s new swing, he’ll succeed!