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MLB Unveils Spring Training Caps And Jerseys

The Cubs’ cap logo is a throwback.

Spring Training (capitalized on purpose) is now a MLB “Jewel Event.” (It was last year, too.)

What that means, in practice, is that MLB, not the teams, is in charge of pretty much everything. Starting in 2016, they proclaimed that each team have a special cap and jersey for spring games.

In the past, many teams had worn their batting-practice jerseys for spring games, or an alternate jersey. The Cubs were one of the few clubs that wore their traditional white pinstripe jersey at home games, whether at old HoHoKam Park or Sloan Park.

Now, the Cubs, along with all other teams, are mandated to wear a team-color jersey and special cap. The cap, shown above, has the “AZ 2017” patch (which I rather like) on the side, and the old “Angry Bear” logo on the front, a logo which was on Cubs jersey sleeves from 1979-93.

This is a pretty good look, actually. Obviously, it’s designed to sell merchandise, and they should sell a lot of it. Here’s the jersey:

This is very similar to the Cubs’ blue alternate jersey that they sometimes wear for road games during the regular season. It also has the “2017 AZ” patch on the left sleeve. I’m not fond of this one for regular-season games, but for spring training it’s not a bad look. You’ll note there’s a design within the numbers. Here’s a closeup of what that looks like:

MLB has been doing this for All-Star games for several years and did it for spring training, or Spring Training, last year. It’s a nice look, and one thing that’s good about the Cubs jersey is that the numbers are in white, making them easier to see at a distance.

You can see all teams’ spring caps here, and all teams’ spring jerseys here and more information and photos at Chris Creamer’s