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Cubs vs. Royals at Surprise Preview, Wednesday 3/1, 2:05 CT

The Cubs look for their first win since Saturday.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Even on a cool, wet day, the Cubs drew more than half as many fans on Tuesday as all the other Cactus League games combined.

Tuesday attendance at Sloan Park: 12,688

Tuesday attendance elsewhere in the Valley:

White Sox (ss) at Reds: 1,422
Royals at Brewers: 1,806
Mariners at White Sox (ss): 2,200
Diamondbacks at Rangers: 2,556
Giants at Padres: 3,047
Indians at Athletics: 3,108
Dodgers at Rockies: 4,255
TOTAL: 21,441

I'm not attending today's game, instead will be following online with all of you.

Cubs lineup:

Baez 2B, Jay LF, Contreras C, Candelario 3B, Almora CF, Dominguez 1B, Caratini DH, Szczur RF, Kawasaki SS

Looks like Joe is giving most of his regulars the day off, in anticipation of the split-squad games tomorrow.

Royals lineup:

Escobar SS, Merrifield 2B, Cain CF, Hosmer 1B, Perez C, Moss DH, Soler RF, Orlando LF, Colon 3B

Hey, there's a familiar name! Jorge Soler starts in right field for the Royals this afternoon. Most of KC's regulars are in today's lineup.

Eddie Butler will start for the Cubs. Only one reliever is listed for the Cubs today, Ryan Williams, though I'm sure several minor-league relievers will also throw.

Nathan Karns gets the call for the Royals. Other Royals pitchers scheduled: Jake Junis, Josh Staumont, Brandon League, Bobby Parnell, Chris Withrow and Scott Alexander.

Today’s game is on with Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie. Gameday

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today.

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