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A Look At 2017 Cubs Season Tickets

Baseball at Wrigley Field is just 26 days away.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — I’m (obviously) in Arizona and thus have not yet received my Cubs season tickets for this year, but one of my fellow bleacher season-ticket holders sent me some scans that will show you what the tickets and other parts of the package look like.

The photo at the top of this article is the cover of the box, with the World Series trophy glistening over a blue background.

Here’s a sample of what the tickets look like:

This is a very similar look to this year’s spring training season tickets, which I posted about here last month. (My friend has the nights-and-weekends package, which is why Games 3 and 4 are not included in this scan.) The World Series Champions logo is in a glisteny silver on all the tickets, a nice touch.

Here’s the cover of the ticket book:

You’ll note the names of the players are this year’s team, as there is a “Davis” in the bottom row, and last year’s Cubs didn’t have anyone named Davis. Incidentally, if you did not already know this, Wade Davis is a second cousin of 1980s-era Cub Jody Davis.

All of which are nice souvenirs of the World Series championship season. And hopefully, these are tickets to another such season, beginning in less than four weeks.