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Kris Bryant Proves You Can Go Home Again

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The Vegas kid returns to some of his high school haunts.

Courtesy Red Bull

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — The Cubs will be heading to Las Vegas this weekend for a pair of games against the Reds, Saturday and Sunday afternoon at Cashman Field.

In advance of that, Kris Bryant, who grew up in Las Vegas, made a visit to his old high school, Bonanza High. (We don’t have high school names like that in the Midwest!)

“There’s so many good memories here for me,” Bryant said. “I met my wife here, got a scholarship for playing baseball well and doing well in school. I loved high school, loved every minute of it.”

Here’s some video of the visit:

Here are some more photos of KB’s return to the high school where he graduated in 2010. Hard to believe it’s been less than seven years since the reigning National League MVP was a high school kid in Las Vegas, playing games against another future MLB star, Bryce Harper (and another possible future star, Joey Gallo).

Courtesy Red Bull
Courtesy Red Bull
Courtesy Red Bull