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Cubs Parody Song: ‘David Ross’

BCB’s Danny Rockett salutes Cubs legend David Ross with a little Van Halen.

David Ross scores from first on Jon Lester’s double.
Danny Rockett

As an actor/singer forced to dance in numerous musicals, including on Broadway, I know what it takes to get up in front of thousands of people and do something you’re not very good at. David Ross just did it in front of millions!

Anthony Rizzo and Jake Arrieta watched nervously with Cubs fans, praying our beloved Grampa Rossy wouldn’t make a fool of himself, and from the opinion of this reluctant dancer, he killed it!

How wonderful to see Rossy two-stepping in front of a Cubs logo, sashaying around the stage in his sequined uniform. Like us fans, he hasn’t stopped dancing since the Cubs won the World Series! I’m proud to say that the first ballplayer ever to be on DWTS in it’s 24 seasons is a Chicago Cub. Rossy is representing the City of Chicago and our fanbase so courageously. I love his quote about wanting to his kids that it’s ok to try something new, even if you don’t think you’ll be good at it.

But Grandpa was great! I would think any athlete would have a physical advantage, but Rossy’s musical timing and joy shined through the performance as well. Ross could go far in this competition just because he’s so darn charming. But we have to vote!!!

My only dancing advice would be to show his exuberance in his face so that it doesn’t look like he’s thinking so much. Many a choreographer has advised me of this. But what do I know? I think the 1996 touring cast of RENT would agree he was better than I ever was.

At Wrigley last year, my friend Ben and I sang a parody of Van Halen’s “Panama” to David Ross many many times, and I’ve been inspired to sing it again!

Sing Along!! And Vote Rossy!!

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