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Cubs 2017 TV/radio affiliates

If you live in the Midwest, but outside metro Chicago, this is important news.

Courtesy WGN-TV

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — We won’t get to a unified Cubs TV broadcast schedule until 2020, when the team hopes to launch its own network.

Until then, games will be split between CSN Chicago, WGN-TV and ABC7 Chicago (as well as some games carried nationally on ESPN and Fox).

Important for those of you who live in the Illinois, Iowa and Indiana blackout territory are the stations in those markets who are carrying the WGN and ABC7 games. Here’s a complete list of the TV affiliates for both:

Here’s some important information about the 80 games being carried via CSN Chicago. Beginning this season, all Cubs games on CSN will be accessible via live stream on and the NBC Sports app to authenticated CSN Chicago subscribers. If you are an authenticated CSN Chicago subscriber, you will have the ability to access live Cubs coverage, even when traveling outside of the region, provided you are within the United States.

If you live in a market that does not currently carry CSN, the Cubs encourage you to contact your local providers to let them know you would like them to pick up CSN so you can watch Cubs games.

Now, some really good news: In markets that do not have a WGN-TV or ABC 7 affiliate station carrying the game or/and for those outside of the team’s home television territory, fans can purchase a TV subscription to MLB Extra Innings and/or mobile streaming on MLB.TV. Entering the 2017 season, Major League Baseball lessened broadcast blackout restrictions in order to provide more fans with the option of watching Cubs games via these subscriptions.

That’s excellent news for those of you in the blackout areas -- you should thus be able to watch the 70 games that are on WGN or ABC7 if you have a subscription to MLB.TV.

You can find full information on the various Cubs OTA and cable affiliates, as well as a complete list of Cubs radio affiliates, here. The Cubs have radio station affiliates in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan and South Dakota, as well as a station in Las Vegas and one in Naples, Florida. I’d suggest bookmarking that link so you can refer to it all year for the TV and radio station in your area.

Throughout the season I’ll post the TV channel for each game in the game preview.

Happy viewing and listening! We’re just three days away from regular-season Cubs baseball on the air.