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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 28

Lots of activity at the ballpark on Tuesday.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — These photos are a few days old, but in them you can see we’re getting closer and closer to everything being ready for the beginning of the season. We learned Thursday that there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the plaza (now called “The Park at Wrigley”) the morning of Opening Night, getting ready for the Cubs to face the Dodgers that evening.

Here are some comments from BCB’s David Sameshima, who took these photos in the early evening on Tuesday.

After work i was on my way to an event when I thought I would take a minute to see what was happening with the left-field Nuveen sign. I was surprised to see other changes taking place around the ballpark. I had to make this visit brief.

It appeared that they were removing the braces from the left-field advertising frame. The new Nuveen ad must require different supports. The W flag was back flying on top of the center-field scoreboard. There was extensive work taking place on Waveland Avenue near Clark Street. Starbucks signage has now been placed on both sides of the southwest corner of the plaza building. They were installing cone shaped lights in the columns that are lining the plaza. It also appeared that multi colored lights are going to be used to illuminate the cones.

Lastly, the team is in the process of painting a “World Champions” logo outside of Gate K/J (photo 6).

For those of you who noted the other day that the “clock tower” didn’t seem to include a clock (see photos 14 and 15), take a look at this rendering:

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

It might be a bit hard to see there (click here for a larger version of the rendering), but it looks to me like a clock is going to be placed on top of that glass. We shall see.

We should have more photos over the weekend or early next week.

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