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Wrigley Field From The Sky, And From Inside

Some looks into the ballpark as it got ready for Opening Night, and others from the game.

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This photoset includes 20 aerial shots graciously sent to me by Curtis Waltz, who runs the @WrigleyAerials Twitter account. (If you like Curt’s work, please check out his other aerial photography at

The most important thing you can see from these aerials, taken last Friday, April 7, was the preparation for finishing the new bullpens in the outfield, and the new seating arrangements down the left- and right-field lines.

There are also some views of the plaza (now officially the Park at Wrigley) as it was preparing to open, and some nice cityscapes of the area surrounding the ballpark. (If only it had been that nice for the opener!)

The other 26 photos in this gallery were taken by BCB’s David Sameshima during Monday’s opener, with some images of what was going on around the park and in the bleachers during the rain delay, and the aftermath of the wet game after 12:30 a.m.

Of particular interest also there are the new walls and foul lines where the bullpens used to be. I found it interesting that the bullpens were removed, yet there were still four people sitting down the line for various functions. At one point during Monday’s game one of them had to get out of the way (and move the stool he was sitting on) when a ball came close to the area. This happens in other parks, too, it’s just new to Wrigley. Personally, I will miss seeing the relievers on the field, and while safety is a concern, I don’t think the Cubs are unhappy to have added 500+ premium-priced seats in those areas.

The blue carpet you see in photos 37 and 38 was laid so that the Cubs players who were coming into the bleachers for the flag-raising ceremony would have a path to walk on, in their spikes, that wasn’t concrete.

Thought you’d all like a look at the ballpark all fixed up for another season. With all but one ceremony (tomorrow’s ring ceremony) complete, it’s time to focus on baseball.

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