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What’s Your Favorite Wrigley Field Game You Ever Attended In Person?

Good times can always be had at the north side ballpark.

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Last January, I asked you what was the best Wrigley Field game you ever attended in person.

I limited that to regular-season games as I surely would have chosen Game 6 of the NLCS last year. That game was the culmination of decades’ worth of dreams, the game that got the Cubs into the World Series for the first time in 71 years.

This article’s a bit different. Today I ask you not for the "best" game you ever attended, but for your favorite. That could still be an important contest like the ones I mentioned in the January article, but it could also be a random game where perhaps you attended with a parent, or someone else close to you and had a fantastic time. Or when you got an autograph you’d been seeking. Or for something a Cub did in the game that meant something to you personally.

I’m not going to rank anything here because this is so subjective. And again I’m going to limit this to regular-season games because if I included the postseason I think I’d again choose NLCS Game 6, given its meaning to me and every other Cubs fan.

Instead, I’m going to pick a game I’ve written about before. This 2013 article describes what happened at Wrigley Field September 30, 1984, after the Cubs had come from behind in the bottom of the ninth and defeated the Cardinals in the final regular-season game. In so doing they prevented ex-Cub Bruce Sutter from breaking what was then the single-season save record, 45.

When the game ended no one left the park. A few minutes later Cubs players came back on the field for a victory lap.

It was awesome. Those kinds of things are commonplace now, but they weren’t in 1984, and it was especially meaningful after 39 years of postseason-less baseball on the north side. I saved that game on an old VHS tape and still take it out from time to time to watch that ninth inning and the aftermath.

You can’t get that kind of emotion unless you’re at the ballpark. Understanding that going to Cubs games at Wrigley Field is now somewhat expensive after the World Series win, you really should try to get out to the ol’ ballyard sometime this year.

Share with us your favorite experience at Wrigley Field.

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