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MLB Bullets Asks You To Please Clap

Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush are buying the Marlins. The ethics of hitting batters. Madison Bumgarner admits his mistake. Two top draft prospects make some noise.

Marlins Homerun Contraption Danny Rockett

I care way more about the whole Dovydas Neverauskas issue than I should, but we now have a definitive answer that Neverauskas is indeed the first Lithuanian-born major leaguer. Earlier reports claimed that Joe Zapustas, who played three games for the Athletics in 1933, was the first Lithuanian-born player, although everyone agreed he grew up in Boston. But official MLB historian John Thorn explains that while Zapustas was ethnically Lithuanian, he was born in what is present-day Latvia. Both Latvia and Lithuania were part of the Czarist Russian Empire when Zapustas was born.

We’re still waiting for our first major leaguer born on the African continent. There are actually more major leaguers born in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean than were born in Africa. Maybe the Pirates will find a spot for Gift Ngoepe sometime this summer. At least a September callup.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.