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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 8

Just two days before the Cubs open, the park looks ready to go.

For those of you concerned that Wrigley Field wouldn’t be ready for Opening Day, fear not.

BCB’s Danny Rockett spent part of his Saturday taking photos around the ol’ ballyard.

In addition to the plaza (now “Park at Wrigley” being nearly ready to go, and retail spaces in the plaza building preparing to open, you can see the Cubs put up player banners along Clark Street adjacent to the park. In past years player banners had been on the ballpark itself. I liked those, though I know others didn’t. The banners lining the streets are a nice touch.

There are also photos here showing Cubs employees setting up various souvenir points of sale, a couple of peeks inside the park, some views of the plaza and the new western gate (“Gate H”), and other scenes around the ballpark as everyone prepares for the Cubs/Dodgers game Monday night at 7:05. The game will be preceded by a World Series banner-raising ceremony.

Can’t wait!