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A Look At Wrigley Bleacher Artwork

If you haven’t been in the renovated Wrigley Field bleachers, you’ve missed some cool artwork.

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The Wrigley Field bleachers were once “the cheap seats.”

Not anymore, as you surely know. But the clientele was far different then, and so were the kinds of things you find out there. Food selections have been improved, and the Cubs have placed quite a bit of team history there as well, something worth seeing even if you’re not a bleacher regular.

Some of these displays and artwork were placed in the bleachers when they reopened in 2015, others added last year, and a few new touches put in place for 2017.

The “plaques” for 15 Cubs Hall of Famers are underneath the right-field bleachers, nearest the foul line. They’re worth a trip to view the artwork as well as the wording, which is the same as on the players’ plaques in Cooperstown. The concourse past the stairs up to the seating is rarely crowded.

Also on that right-field side is a faux ivy wall (photo 4), set there for photo ops. When I took these photos Tuesday, April 18, I had to wait for a few people posing in front of the wall. Fun, even if not real.

Photo 5, painted on the wall near the stairs up to the seats, is new this year. It’s a replica of a CTA map from the 1930s. Just for fun — don’t use this as a way to plan your route, as some of these lines no longer exist.

The display cases in photos 6 through 10 are at various spots on both sides of the bleacher concourse. There are almost always people standing near them checking them out and taking photos. All of these were in the bleachers last year, though the “Cubs Today” case was updated to include items from the 2016 championship season, including cue cards from the team’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance.

The artwork in photos 14, 15 and 16 can only be seen from the bleacher ramps, and you’ll have to make an effort to see them. They’re not visible as you come up the ramps, and if you’re walking down the ramps for a beer or to visit the restroom, you might not want to pause to admire art. Still, these are worth looking at. The World Champions logos in photo 14 were also painted on a wall near the Home Plate Gate at Sloan Park in Mesa:

Al Yellon

Photos 18, 19 and 20 are of various Cubs logos through the years.

And photo 22 was added this year. Hopefully, the team can paint some more similar logos on the bleacher concourse in years to come.

If you haven’t seen these, they’re definitely worth coming to a game for. And you can only find them in the bleachers. Granted, bleacher prices can be high, but there are still a few games left where prices are reasonable. Between that and Cubs baseball, it’s surely worth the price.

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