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Cubs Song: ‘Coming Back to Wrigley’

How do you feel about the season after the World Series title? Here’s a musical view.

Addison Russell walks it off on April 19 against the Brewers
Danny Rockett

You are now reading the third draft of the article I’m writing to release my new original song “Coming Back to Wrigley.” I’m not sure why it’s been difficult to process my feelings about the experience of coming back to “church” after witnessing the fulfillment of my lifelong dream of being there the night the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, but it has.

The pageantry of the last month, ring ceremonies, trophy viewings, awardings of this or that award has been without a doubt both exhilarating and exhausting. I had hardly recovered from the travel of gallivanting about the country with the Cubs on their path to the ultimate victory, when Spring Training arrived (which I re-dubbed “Spring Draining” in a previous iteration of this so called song release). It’s been a wild ride y’all! And after a slow and cold start to the 2017 campaign, I’m feeling like we can get back to it now.

We’re coming back to Wrigley. It’s been colder in the confines than Kyle Schwarber’s bat, unless he’s busting a Budweiser sign, and we’re feeling the price of success in our wallets with playoff priced beer. The old ballpark isn’t so old anymore with new amenities like “The Park” (which should be called “The Plaza” because “The Park” is Wrigley and now everyone is confused). There are new Cubs stores selling everything from plushly bearded Jake Arrieta dolls to Clark clocks. I personally would wait on the Arrieta doll until he’s not re-signed and it can be purchased for peanuts. Yes, it’s all new: The ballpark. The way tickets are scanned and transferred. But the newest amenity is the World Series Championship.

It seems there’s been a bit of a World Series hangover. You know... the .500 start coupled with the endless commercialization of the enormity of what just happened for the organization and us Cubs fans. But I feel that’s over now. The dust is finally settling and we’re coming back.

So before I erase this all again and write a fourth article, here’s the song that says what I just said, but way better. I collaborated with trombonist Will Baker (brother of John Baker, backup catcher, relief pitcher, and current Cubs Mental Skills Coordinator) and Omaha-based Cubs fan and bassist Dan Nielsen on this tune. It’s called “Coming Back to Wrigley” and I hope you like it.

“We’re all a little tougher, so let’s just go win another one.”