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David Ross Dances Into The Heart of America

America’s favorite underdog comes up a tiny bit short.

Eric McCandless / ABC Via Getty Images

Before the 2015 season Jon Lester signed a six-year deal with the Chicago Cubs to be the ace who would help carry them to the World Series. Lester has been spectacular in his two-plus seasons with the Cubs so far, but he came with a stipulation that might have been worth even more: David Ross as his personal catcher.

None of us knew then how important David Ross would be to this team.

The self-described “backup catcher” was, in many ways the heart of the 2016 team that won it all. He received multiple standing ovations in his last regular season game last year, and hit home runs both in that game and in Game 7 of the World Series --- and then he was carried off the field by his teammates after the victory.

The title of his book is “Teammate” and this should surprise no one. David Ross is all team and all heart. In many ways he taught this young team how to have heart. How could anyone forget this?

David Ross, in two short years, wove his way into the heart of Cubs baseball. I can’t be the only one that was thrilled with the announcement that he was joining the Cubs front office. That spirit was visible throughout the journeyman catcher’s latest endeavor: Dancing With The Stars.

Full disclosure: I’ve never really watched this show prior to this season, and at moments the show inspired a steady dose of “Woah, this is a thing?” for me, but at its core I could see exactly how David Ross danced his way into the hearts of millions.

He captured Cubs fans with pieces like this:

He captured America with pieces like this:

Whether he was referencing Cubs culture or mimicking a father-daughter dance, you saw the same thing we saw at Wrigley that made David Ross a favorite: He understands the basics, cares about the little things and works hard to improve.

David Ross waltzed his ways into the hearts of Cubs Nation with his steady work ethic and sense of team for Chicago Cubs baseball. He danced his way into the hearts of America with the same thing, in a venue where he was a complete novice.

Congratulations on an incredible run on Dancing with the Stars, Rossy — and I just need to take a moment to say we are so incredibly happy that you are part of the Cubs family.

It might have been too much to ask to follow up winning a World Series ring with a Dancing With The Stars Mirrorball, but showing us the heart of what it means to be a teammate for a season of Dancing with the Stars? #ThatsCub