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Jake Arrieta is wrong about the Bryce Harper/Hunter Strickland brawl

Arrieta describes the beanball-induced fight as “awesome,” and I think that’s an irresponsible position. Here's why.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs don’t play until later this evening, so pitcher Jake Arrieta had some time to be a guest on 670 The Score this afternoon. The topic of Sunday’s brawl in San Francisco between Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland came up.

Oh, did Jake have some hot takes:

Hoo boy. There’s a lot to deconstruct here; where should I begin?

First, by saying that in no way is a brawl like we saw Sunday afternoon “awesome.” If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

Why should a fistfight be part of a baseball game? Why should Strickland decide to retaliate for two home runs that were hit nearly three years ago by throwing at the hitter’s back? (Yes, Strickland said he “just wanted to go inside” after the game. What’s he going to say? “Yes, I hate him and I wanted to get back at him and so I threw at him.” Of course he’s going to deny it was intentional.)

There’s no place for this in baseball. Now, or ever, in my view. Did Bryce Harper give Strickland a bit of a staredown during the 2014 division series between the two teams? Maybe, but the answer is: Get him out next time. Here’s a good take:

Right. Over. Long over, and certainly not worth starting a brawl over. I can’t say I’m surprised that Jeff Samardzija was one of the first players in the pile. Look who’s in the center of the action in this White Sox/Royals kerfuffle from two years ago:

None of this should happen. Ever. Major League Baseball should institute harsh penalties for any pitcher who deliberately throws at any hitter for any reason. Long suspensions. Financial repercussions. Enough to end this nonsense forever. I’m tired of hearing “the players should police this.” Injuries have happened from brawls like this, and not from the pitch that’s thrown. This isn’t baseball, not the way I’d like to see it played, anyway.

As is usually the case, SB Nation’s Grant Brisbee had an excellent take on this earlier today, which I commend to you. Key paragraph:

The same goes for dumb 2014 baseball tiffs. I can almost understand it if Strickland gave up the homer that allowed the Nationals to advance. As is, the Giants won. Strickland recovered from the acute dingeritis that threatened his career in that postseason. He’s had a solid career. Harper has won an MVP. It’s over. Find something else to be mad about.

I’d extend that to “all” dumb baseball tiffs. Someone hits a key home run off you? Fine, get the guy out the next time. It’s part of the game. Look, I get it, baseball players are fiercely competitive, don’t want to give up key homers, don’t want to be shown up, adrenaline flows, they want to get back at the guy who did it...

Fights are never the right thing to do in a team sport. Beat the other guy on the field, not with your fists.

And to circle back to the reason I wrote this, I’m not a fan of Jake Arrieta’s comments. That brawl was not “awesome.” It was ugly, the worst side of baseball. And those kinds of things need to end. Forever.