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‘Rizzo Wrap’ set to debut on Chicago store shelves

For a limited time only!

Anthony Rizzo, ready for summer grilling season
Courtesy Reynolds Wrap

Reynolds Wrap has had a marketing agreement with Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo for a while. One of the reasons for that was this 2015 catch, made by jumping on top of the Wrigley Field tarp, which has a “Reynolds Wrap” cover:

During the World Series, Rizzo made a “bet” with his sponsor -- if the Cubs won the Series, Reynolds Wrap had to come out with “Rizzo Wrap” sometime this year.

It’s here!

“Rizzo Wrap” will be on shelves at Chicago-area Jewel-Osco stores starting Monday. The company says: “Supplies will be limited and on a first-come basis; once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

If you missed the announcement Rizzo made earlier this year, here it is:

Rizzo does that all with a totally straight face, and the funny thing about that is the date the announcement was made: April 1. Most people thought it was an April Fool’s joke, and honestly, it would have been a good one. So many people refused to believe it that Reynolds actually had to send out a press release stating that yes, it was true:

Staying true to their word, this summer, Reynolds Wrap is releasing a limited-edition run of “Rizzo Wrap.” The champion first baseman-named product will be distributed in select Chicagoland stores this summer. While supplies last, fans can pick up a box of Rizzo’s custom foil to help with game day entertaining and quick and easy cleanup.

“A bet’s a bet, and we’re happy to uphold our side of the deal,” said Mike Mazza, brand director for Foil at Reynolds Consumer Products. “It turns out Anthony loves cooking as much as we do, and we’re excited to be releasing a foil that both he and his fans can enjoy using for their summer grilling.”

So get your “Rizzo Wrap” starting Monday. Remember: “once it’s gone, it’s gone.” If you live outside the Chicago area, Reynolds Wrap will be giving away Rizzo Wrap on its social channels to lucky fans who live elsewhere. You can follow along next week on the Reynolds Kitchens Facebook page and the Reynolds Wrap Twitter feed (@ReynoldsWrap) for your chance to win.