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2017 MLB Draft: Day 3 open thread

Come here to discuss the Cubs picks 11 through 40

Alex Lange
LSU Athletic Communications

Today is day 3 of the MLB draft, and the picks will go by quickly. Day 3 is done by a conference call and teams are expected to make their pick as soon as it is their turn to pick. You can follow along on, but be aware that the rounds will fly by with about ten minutes for each round.

To review, here is who the Cubs have taken so far:

1 (27): Brendon Little. LHP. State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota.

1 (30): Alex Lange. RHP. LSU.

2 (67): Cory Abbott. RHP. Loyola Marymount.

3 (105): Keegan Thompson. RHP. Auburn.

4 (135): Erich Uelmen. RHP. Cal Poly--San Luis Obispo

5 (165): Nelson Velazquez. OF. PJ Educational School (PR)

6 (195): Jeremy Estrada. RHP. Palm Desert HS (CA)

7 (225): Ricky Tyler Thomas. LHP. Fresno State

8 (255): Austin Filiere. 2B. MIT.

9 (285): Chris Carrier. OF. Univ. of Memphis.

10 (315): Brian Glowicki. RHP. Minnesota.

So that’s eight pitchers and three position players. Two of the eight pitchers are left-handed. The Cubs drafted eight four-year college players, one junior college player and two high schoolers. Of the eight four-year players, six were juniors and two, Thompson and Carrier, were seniors.

Discuss the draft among yourselves. I will try to check in as much as I can, but as I noted in Bullets today, I’ve got a couple of appointments that will cause me to miss most of day 3.