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Here’s how to see a Cubs game at Wrigley Field for under $40

And that includes transportation, food and drink.

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Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

A challenge was issued in the attendance watch post earlier this week: With Cubs ticket prices as high as they have been this year, how can someone go to a game and not break the bank?

I’m here to tell you that you can go to a game at Wrigley Field, including ticket, transportation and food, for less than $40.

Here’s how. I decided to look at the upcoming series against the Padres and the least expensive of the three dates appears to be Monday, June 19. Prices were checked late Thursday.

First, you’ll have to buy your ticket somewhere other than The cheapest price listed for a ticket there is $36 — before fees. That’s in section 505, row 3, price checked earlier Thursday morning. With taxes and fees that $36 ticket will cost you nearly $50 (!). As I have stated here before, I wish the Cubs would start folding the amusement tax back into the listed ticket price. No one wants to see a $36 ticket increase by 38 percent by the time you have to pay for it.

So it’s off to StubHub for the ticket purchase. The least expensive ticket listed for the Padres series is an upper-deck reserved ticket for the Monday, June 19 game. It’s in section 506, row 6 for $20, a seat comparable to the one shown above. Yes, StubHub also adds fees, but not as much as the Cubs do. You’d pay $27.90 for that ticket.

And if you go to that game, you’ll get a free tote bag, the giveaway for that game.

So you’ve got $13.10 left to keep the total cost to $40.

Going to a game this way assumes that you can get to somewhere on the CTA’s Red Line to get to the ballpark. Single-ride tickets on the CTA cost $3, which include two transfers for up to two hours, so if you need to take a bus or two to get to a train stop, you can do that for your $3.

We’re now up to $32.90. If you want to get some exercise and live reasonably close to the ballpark, you could ride your bicycle there and save the CTA cost. The Cubs operate a free bike check that’s located near the main entrance to the Addison L stop. The team has security staff there who watch all the bikes from two hours before game time until an hour after the game ends.

Or, you can save the $3 CTA cost and drive your car to the Cubs’ remote parking lot at 3900 N. Rockwell, about two miles from the ballpark. The lot holds about 1,000 cars and parking is free. The Cubs operate a free shuttle between Wrigley Field and the lot that begins operation two hours before game time until an hour after the game ends. You’ll obviously use some gas to get there; presumably that won’t cost you more than the $3 you’d pay on the CTA.

The Cubs permit outside food at Wrigley. You could make a sandwich at home and bring it to eat at the ballpark. You can also bring in a sealed bottle of any non-alcoholic beverage. There’s no longer a 7/Eleven across the street from the park, but there’s one located at the corner of Waveland and Broadway, about three blocks east of the ballpark. If you were to buy a 20-ounce bottle of Coke or similar drink there, it’ll cost you about $2.

You can buy a team program inside the park for $5, which includes a scorecard so you can entertain yourself by keeping score during the game, and have a souvenir to take home.

That’s a total of $39.90 maximum — less if you don’t take the CTA — for your evening of Cubs baseball, complete with game ticket, transportation, food and a souvenir.

Enjoy the game!

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