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Kris Bryant, Jason Heyward still in All-Star voting lead

Two Cubs are still in position to start the All-Star Game.

Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Kris Bryant still leads Nolan Arenado in All-Star voting released Monday, although Arenado’s cycle that ended with a walkoff homer Sunday might turn some voters in his direction going forward.

Jason Heyward continues to hold down the third spot in outfield voting, and his teammate Ben Zobrist is fourth (though I think we’d all agree that Zobrist doesn’t deserve an All-Star nod this year). Heyward’s lead over the fifth-place player, Marcell Ozuna, is over 100,000 votes.

Here’s all the up-to-date voting:

Beyond Bryant, who’s pretty close to Arenado in terms of deserving to be on the team (and who will probably be selected if he falls behind Arenado in voting), other Cubs rating possible All-Star consideration are Wade Davis and Carl Edwards Jr.

If Anthony Rizzo, currently about 157,000 votes behind Ryan Zimmerman in the voting, continues his hot streak he also might rate All-Star consideration and could be on the “Final Vote” ballot that’s released to fan voting in the week before the game.

Regula All-Star voting, which is available exclusively online via, Club sites and mobile devices, will be accessible until the voting period ends on Thursday, June 29 at 10:59 p.m. (ET).