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Anthony Rizzo calls Miguel Montero ‘selfish’

This can’t be good.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Montero had some pointed comments about Cubs pitchers after the Nationals stole seven bases Tuesday night.

“It really sucks because the stolen bases go on me,” Montero said. “When you really look at it, the pitcher doesn’t give me any time. It’s just like: ‘Yeah, OK, Miggy can’t throw nobody out.’ Yeah, but my pitchers don’t hold anybody on. It’s tough, because it doesn’t matter how much work I put in.

“If I don’t get a chance to throw, that’s the reason why they were running left and right today, because they know he was slow to the plate. Simple as that. It’s a shame that it’s my fault because I didn’t throw anybody out.”

Here’s Montero talking to the media after the game [VIDEO].

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who has the longest tenure on the team (about five full seasons) and is generally acknowledged as the team leader in the clubhouse, fired back on ESPN 1000 Wednesday morning:

I can’t deny anything Rizzo said. All of it is true. Willson Contreras does throw runners out, and pointing fingers — especially to the media, which is what Montero did — doesn’t help the team at all.

I wish the Cubs could settle these things privately, among themselves. They’re all professionals. Pretty much everyone on this team went through the wringer in last year’s postseason and won the World Series, so they all understand what it will take to get back there. Things like this don’t help.

I hope all of this is aired out between the players before Wednesday night’s game. They don’t need to have this hanging over their heads. Hash it out, and then go out there and win some games, because the 2017 Cubs can still be a postseason team.