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No game HR has ever hit the warehouse at Camden Yards. Could Kyle Schwarber do it?

Kyle’s hit several very, very long homers. Here’s his chance to do something no one’s ever done.

The warehouse looks so inviting. But no one’s ever hit a baseball off it during a game
Jerry Driendl/Getty Images

The Cubs will be playing their first series in Camden Yards in 14 years beginning tonight. The only current Cubs hitters who have ever played there are Ben Zobrist and Jon Jay.

Thus none of the Cubs’ young power hitters have ever seen the famous warehouse that sits beyond the right-field wall at the Orioles’ home park.

According to this Baltimore Sun article, the only baseball that’s ever hit the warehouse was hit by Ken Griffey Jr. in the Home Run Derby when it was held in Camden Yards in 1993:

That is the only batted ball to touch the warehouse, and through more than 2,000 games at Camden Yards, no hitter has ever reached the building in a game, creating a kind of mythical nature to the ballpark's most recognizable feature. Griffey's blast is marked by a plaque.

Many have come close in games. Ninety-one home run balls have landed on Eutaw Street, the 60-foot-wide in-park concourse beyond the right-field flag court, and some of those balls have hit the warehouse on a bounce. And while the warehouse can be reached down the right-field line at just 439 feet — a length that is often hit by today's standards — it has yet to take a ball on the fly in a game.

A 439-foot home run near the foul line is quite a blast. You undoubtedly recall this home run hit by Kyle Schwarber in the 2015 division series against the Cardinals:

The projected distance of that home run was 419 feet, though if the board hadn’t interrupted its flight, maybe it goes farther. And in case you lost track of that ball:

Schwarber hit an even longer home run against the Giants at Wrigley earlier this year [VIDEO].

That one was measured at 460 feet. He hit one even longer than that at Citi Field in June:

That one went 467, so says HitTrackerOnline, the 10th-longest home run hit by anyone in 2017.

HitTracker also hast Schwarber third place in its “Golden Sledgehammer” list for this year. That’s a list of the longest average for home runs for anyone who has 10 or more. Kendrys Morales is first at 424.5 feet, Gary Sanchez second at 420.9 and Schwarber third at 419.8.

The Baltimore Sun article says Chris Davis might do it someday, and Davis certainly has the power to do so. He’ll be activated from a rehab assignment for tonight’s game. And if there’s anyone on a visiting team with that sort of power, it’s Kyle Schwarber. I expect him to serve as DH much of this weekend. Not that he should try to hit the warehouse — that never works. But he’s certainly got the power to do it.