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Vote for Carl Edwards Jr.’s walk-up song!

BCB’s Danny Rockett is a finalist for a CSN song contest and needs your vote!

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Great news! My “Carl Edwards Jr.” walk-up song has been picked as a finalist in CSN Chicago’s contest and I need your votes to win a suite to the White Sox, Cubs and VIP Lollapalooza tickets on the weekend of August 4-6! You can vote once a day, with six total votes here.

And here’s the article from two weeks ago which has the song link.

There are only 2 other finalists, “The Russell Shuffle” by Joe Fascetta, an acoustic rap tune, and “Tyler Saladino” by Tom Flynn which celebrates Tyler’s mustache. Both are entertaining, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d vote for me.

  • If you’re voting on your phone, I am the second “Vote” link.

Previously, I’ve come in second place in many Cubs song contests. The Jonathan Brandmeier show picked my song “We are the Cubs” to be a finalist six years ago, but I lost because of my 917 area code and the fact that I was living in New York City at the time, which they ridiculed. Then I lost a few years later with “World’s Greatest Fans” which included performances from BCB readers! And just last winter, I came in second place for my “Lester Always Flips it Underhand” song on the Waddle and Silvy show. But this is the first time it’s up to fans to vote, and I might actually have a chance to win this time! But only with your help!

So please vote!! And in true Chicago fashion.... vote often!!