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If Carl Edwards Jr. had a walk-up song when he batted...

CSN Chicago is holding a contest to compose a walk-up song for your favorite Cubs player!

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Carl Edwards Jr. has had three at-bats in his major-league career and he’s struck out all three times, so when I heard that CSN was holding a song contest for Cubs and White Sox suites and Lollapalooza tickets, I couldn’t resist rooting for the underdog and writing an original walk-up song for CEJ’s yearly walk to the batters box.

And my contest entry will help Carl swing for the fences!

The contest is only accepting submissions until July 5 at which point only a few entries will be selected for public voting. Submit your own!

If my song is picked as a finalist I’ll be cajoling all to vote early and often. “All the Way with CEJ!”

Check out the video! (lyrics below video)


Carl Edwards Jr.! His pitching is great and he’s coming to the plate.
I’m singing
Carl Edwards Jr.! Amazing on the mound, gonna watch him bat now

When Joe doesn’t trust the bullpen he’ll keep in CEJ
Send Carl Edwards into bat and let him swing away.
He’ll be up there pretending he can hit ‘em like Mike Trout
Then he’ll pitch another inning and strike everybody out!

Carl Edwards Jr.! Got No body fat, He’s thinner than the bat. Carl!
Carl Edwards Jr.! He’s Pitching 2 innings. Just get up there and Swing!
Just get up there and swing!