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MLB trade deadline: #Hugwatch 2017

Today’s the day we’re on trade watch till the non-waiver deadline.

Photo by Kenzaburo Fukuhara-Pool/Getty Images

The non-waiver MLB trade deadline comes up six hours from the time of this post, at 3 p.m. CT.

Reminder: Just because 3 p.m. passes and you haven’t heard about a deal, it doesn’t mean there might not be a few more announced. The deadline is simply for teams to file paperwork with the commissioner’s office; it could take up to an hour after, perhaps even a bit longer, for news to get out.

I’m intending to make a more detailed post on the Cubs’ acquisition of Justin Wilson and Alex Avila shortly, but I’m putting this thread up at this time (9 a.m. CT) because that’s when MLB Network is beginning its live TV coverage of trade-related discussion, etc. So, use this thread for general trade talk, because I suspect that the Cubs’ acquisition of Wilson and Avila probably wraps up any pre-deadline moves the team is going to make (except for who’s going off various rosters to make room for those two).

And use the Wilson/Avila post I’ll have up in a bit for discussion of that trade and what it means for the team.

Have fun following #Hugwatch2017!