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BCB interview: John Baker

BCB’s Danny Rockett sat down with Cubs Mental Skills Coordinator and former catcher John Baker for a preview of our August 19 event.

John Baker pitching on July 29, 2014
Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images

First things first! John Baker Day is coming soon! So, make your reservation now for Saturday, August 19 at Nisei Lounge. Come meet the wise and witty John Baker and raise money for Cubs Charities and Joe Maddon’s Hazleton Integration Project. If you can’t attend, join our Facebook John Baker Day Event Page where we will be livestreaming the event starting at 11 a.m.

Second things second! Joe Maddon has donated our signature auction prize this year to benefit HIP. And it’s a doozy! Currently for online auction are four of Joe Maddon’s personal seats (players section) and four on-field passes for the game on August 28 vs. the Pirates. Joe will even come say hello while you’re on the field! There is also a Joe Maddon signed baseball and hat for auction. Bid here at 32 Auctions.

Third things third! John Baker and I connected yesterday for a FaceTime Interview to give everyone a taste of the Q and A portion of John Baker Day. We talk about everything from the sequence of events that led him to pitch that fateful night in late July, 2014, to the new catcher rules, to why Willson Contreras seems to take it in the “family jewels” more than other catchers. I hope you enjoy our conversation that you can listen to here and we will continue on August 19th.

The interview is also available on Itunes and downloadable!

What else? How about some John Baker Day memorabilia? We have posters, t-shirts, bobbleheads, and raffle tickets for sale at the John Baker Day page. All proceeds benefit HIP and Cubs Charities.

The Son Ranto Show, Ivy Envy Podcast, Cubs Insider, Bleacher Nation, and Bleed Cubbie Blue are all teaming up with John Baker to make this John Baker Day even bigger and better than last year!

So come to Nisei Lounge on Saturday, August 19 at 11 a.m.! It’s a great party with raffles, games, prizes, music and more! Everything you need to know is here!

See you there and I hope you enjoy the interview with the fabulous John Baker!