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Cubs roster move: Willson Contreras activated

And not a moment too soon.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Cubs catcher Willson Contreras suffered a hamstring injury in a game against the Giants in San Francisco August 9. At the time it was said he’d likely be out four to six weeks.

Four weeks and four days later, he’s back:

He's not in Sunday's lineup but you can bet he'll be lobbying Joe Maddon for a chance to pinch hit.

Contreras had been a hot hitter just before the injury. In the last 24 games he’d played just prior to being hurt, he was hitting .319/.385/.691 (30-for-94) with five doubles, 10 home runs and 29 RBI.

Fortunately, with Alex Avila capably filling in, the Cubs have played reasonably well with Willson out. They’re 18-10 in that time span, tied with the Diamondbacks for second-best in the National League.

But there’s no doubt the Cubs need Willson’s bat, his defense, and his infectious energy that shows every day he’s in the lineup. I would expect him not to catch every game, at least for a while. With Avila available, they can work Willson back into fulltime play gradually.

I’m glad he’s back and I’m sure everyone in the organization is, too. With expanded rosters this month, no corresponding roster move was needed or made. There are now 34 players on the Cubs’ active roster.