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The Brewers just got a gift: 3 extra home games

Their series vs. the Marlins in Miami is being relocated.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how the Brewers complained about the Cubs supposedly getting an unfair “advantage” when last Friday's game was moved to 7:05 from 1:20?

Now who's getting an advantage?

Now, obviously this is being done because of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and there are conditions that exist in Miami that prevent games from taking place at Marlins Park this weekend. I hope all the folks who have suffered due to the hurricane are getting their lives back together.

But in baseball terms, getting three extra home games certainly does give the Brewers an advantage. If they try to deny that they're simply being disingenuous. In reality, MLB probably should have tried to play these games at a neutral site.

Since they're not, I would encourage any Cubs fans not going to Wrigley Field this weekend to head to Miller Park and root for the Marlins.

That only seems fair, right?